About Me

I am an archaeologist, researcher, writer, video gamer, and biblical scholar located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. My work concentrates on the intersection of religious material culture and the archaeology of the Ancient Near East, with a focus on ancient Judaism and early Christianity.

I grew up in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium and was as a child already fascinated by history, archaeological excavations, and the world of museums. Tine 3
I ended up studying archaeology of the Ancient Near East at the University of Gent, Belgium and later moved to the NetherlandsĀ to study Hebrew and Aramaic at the University of Leiden. Before I moved to the US for my Ph.D. research, I worked at the National Museum of Antiquities of the Netherlands in a variety of positions. It is there that I discovered my love for artifacts, heritage management, and working in the public sector.

In the Fall of 2021, I received my PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I wrote a dissertation on coin deposits found in synagogues in Late Antique Palestine. This dissertation can entirely be found online at www.ancientsynagoguecoins.com. The website contains, besides the written chapters of my project, also a myriad of downloadable spreadsheets, graphs, images, maps, and plans of all synagogue coin deposits from Late Antiquity currently known to us.

I am currently on the job market, but also spend my time working for several academic and non-profit organizations, including the Kinneret Regional Project, ASOR Early Career Scholars Committee, the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, and the Save Ancient Studies Alliance.