Here you can find a list of different projects I have been involved in over the years:

  • Horvat Kur- Kinneret Regional Project

An archaeological site in Israel with a Byzantine village and synagogue.



  • Tell Damiyah

Archaeological Project in Jordan. The tell contains Ottoman-Byzantine-Hellenistic-Persian- and Iron Age Period layers.


  • Huqoq

Another archaeological site in Israel containing an ancient synagogue.


  • The Levantine Ceramics Project

An open, interactive website focused on ceramics produced in the Levant from the Neolithic era (c. 5500 B.C.E.) through the Ottoman period (c. 1920 C.E.)


  • National Museum of Antiquities of the Netherlands: Ancient Near Eastern Collection

The National Archaeological Museum of the Netherlands houses an internationally renowned collection of antiquities from the Middle East and offers temporary exhibitions on these materials on a regular basis.


  • The Secret(s) of Mount Ararat

A TV documentary focusing on the conspiracy theories and the fraud surrounding the Ark of Noah on Mount Ararat, Turkey.


  • The Roman town of Ammaia (Portugal)

A landscape study project of the environment and the territory of the town of Ammaia, with special attention for the importance of natural resources for the development of the town itself.


  • The Roman colony of Mariana (Corsica)

Archaeological project in Corsica, studying the topography and development of the Roman town of Mariana, in relation with the surrounding Roman countryside.